Our product range

At Hidria aftermarket, it is our mission to comply with the strictest OE standards to offer the high-quality products to yours and ours customers.

We have in range more than 300 different part numbers that cover minimum 95% of existing vehicle fleet on the European roads. We are continually looking for new opportunities and adding new part numbers to our range.


A solenoid is an essential component of the diesel cold start system for commercial heavy-duty vehicles and other applications with large engine displacements. The system contains a flame glow plug control unit, a solenoid, and flame glow plugs.

High-tech for optimized performance

Key benefits for vehicle owners:

  • Ensures smooth start in cold weather conditions
  • Controlled fuel flow into flame glow plugs
  • Made from durable materials that meet OE standards

*OE = Original Equipment


Vehicle owner gets the same quality as a vehicle manufacturer.

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