Our product range

At Hidria aftermarket, it is our mission to comply with the strictest OE standards to offer the high-quality products to yours and ours customers.

We have in range more than 300 different part numbers that cover minimum 95% of existing vehicle fleet on the European roads. We are continually looking for new opportunities and adding new part numbers to our range.

Flame heater plug

Hidria provides also quality ignition solutions that meet the specific needs of commercial vehicle and other applications with large engine displacements.

flame heater plug

Reliable and quick cold start

Hidria flame glow plugs exist in 12V and 24V versions.

Key benefits for the customers:

  • Short preheating time (from 15-20 seconds)
  • Long post-flame phase (up to 6 min)
  • Reliable and quick start that protects engine, even at low temperatures
  • Made from durable materials to meet OE standards
  • Optimized combustion
  • Reduced pollutant emissions

*OE = Original Equipment


Vehicle owner gets the same quality as a vehicle manufacturer.

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