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At Hidria aftermarket, it is our mission to comply with the strictest OE standards to offer the high-quality products to yours and ours customers.

We have in range more than 300 different part numbers that cover minimum 95% of existing vehicle fleet on the European roads. We are continually looking for new opportunities and adding new part numbers to our range.

Glow plug with
pressure sensor

The goal of any diesel engine manufacturer is to further reduce emissions. This is where Hidria PSG steps in.

PSG is a glow plug with an integrated pressure sensor to improve engine efficiency. Sensors continuously measure the in-cylinder pressure and transmit the information to the engine control unit.

By establishing closed-loop control of engine pressure, the PSG enables the engine controller to continuously adjust the timing and amount of fuel injection, optimizing the combustion process.

High-tech for optimized performance

Built with a robust steel heating rod and a piezo-electric sensor, Hidria PSG brings you these key benefits:

  • Improved engine efficiency to boost performance
  • Reliable starts in cold weather (up to -30C)
  • OE quality guarantees durability and reliability
  • Continuously optimize the combustion process for cleaner, more efficient fuel burn
  • Reduced fuel consumption and harmful emissions up to 30 %
  • Extended engine life due to soot reduction

*OE quality = Original Equipment Quality. Vehicle owner gets the same quality as vehicle manufacturer.


Vehicle owner gets the same quality as a vehicle manufacturer.


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