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At Hidria aftermarket, it is our mission to comply with the strictest OE standards to offer the high-quality products to yours and ours customers.

We have in range more than 300 different part numbers that cover minimum 95% of existing vehicle fleet on the European roads. We are continually looking for new opportunities and adding new part numbers to our range.

Metallic glow plugs

Hidria low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) glow plugs are designed to meet the need of older generations or modern diesel vehicles.

LV Hidria glow plugs for modern diesel vehicles

In a modern diesel car, there are no excuses for warm-up difficulties, a noisy knocking noise, and white smoke in the rear-view mirror. Every responsible owner of a diesel car should know this. Thanks to Hidria Glow Plugs, these problems can be avoided.

Low voltage glow plugs

Low voltage technology is present in all modern diesel engines. The most important feature of LV glow plugs is their rapid start. The glow plugs are connected to an electronic control unit that regulates the glow time and voltage of each glow plug separately.

They are designed for low voltage in the range of 4 to 7 V.

Key benefits for vehicle owners:

  • Fast and reliable start (even at -30C)
  • After starting the engine, there is no white smoke due to the post-glow phase that lasts for up to three minutes
  • Quick pre-heating; glow plugs reach 1000C in two seconds
  • The engine runs quieter, without any knocking when cold
  • OE quality guarantees durability and reliability
  • Fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently
  • Soot reduction increases engine service life
  • Reduced emissions of polluting gases, like NOx

*OE quality = Original Equipment Quality. Vehicle owner gets the same quality as vehicle manufacturer.

High voltage glow plugs

Hidria HV glow plugs are manufactured to meet the pre-heating and heating requirements of older diesel engines.

Hidria HV glow plugs are designed for higher voltage in range from 11 to 24 V.


Key benefits for vehicle owners:

  • Reliable cold start
  • Pre-heating time: 5-7 sec
  • Made from durable materials to meet OE standards
  • Ability to withstand extreme engine conditions
  • Typically used for EURO 3 and EURO 4 standards

*OE quality = Original Equipment Quality. Vehicle owner gets the same quality as vehicle manufacturer.

Vehicle owner gets the same quality as a vehicle manufacturer.


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